Past Hacks:

Kombucha Hacks (4/3/16)

What is Kombucha? 

  • A refreshing carbonated beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with beneficial probiotics that promote a healthy digestive system!

Come to Kombucha Hacks to stretch your marketing, product design, and innovation skills and to network with food industry experts! Work with other innovative UC Berkeley students in teams of 5 to create a new flavored kombucha product, along with a packaging design and marketing plan that aligns with House Kombucha’s vision. 

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TCHO HACKS (4/25/15)

TCHO Limited Edition Hack:

TCHO is known for exceptional quality chocolate, making a better world and innovating in everything we do. We’re launching a special limited edition line of bars that completely “break the mold” of how consumers, particularly millennial consumers, view chocolate. How would you hack the ancient art of chocolate making for a New American audience? How would you “break the mold?”

  • Visualize a new flavor concept for TCHO’s new Limited Edition Line
  • Detail the physical attributes of the product
  • Describe the market - what hole in the chocolate market are we filling?
  • Write a flavor-forward marketing description of your creation
  • Bonus points: draft a package design concept