Digging Deeper into Food Waste Issues

In the past, FoodInno has focused on innovations in the food industry with regards to user experience and technological breakthroughs. We spoke to the the pleasures of eating and the complexity of food systems. In 2019, we want to take a step back and look at systematic problems of food waste. Our speakers this year both actively and passively reduce, upcycle, or eliminate food waste. We will dive into every portion of the food system from the storage of produce during shipment to the waste of raw materials after a new product is made. At every stage, we will hear stories of immense waste but also the scientific, logistical, and technological tools that our speakers have used to reduce waste.

At FoodInno, our 100+ attendees represent the most innovative and creative individuals in our food chain including farmers, chefs, designers, entrepreneurs, academics, and more from all across the world. We will gather to co-create the future of sustainable eating, harvesting, and growing across the world.