Jaspal Sandhu, PhD

Design, UC Berkeley

Jaspal Sandhu is a founding partner at the Gobee Group, a firm that innovates for social impact globally, and a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, where he teaches graduate-level, interdisciplinary courses on the innovation process. In 2013, he developed Eat.Think.Design., a globally-unique course focused on the intersections of food, innovation, and health. His writing on innovation has been featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, MIT Innovations, Fast Company’s Co.Exist, and the American Journal of Public Health. He is now conducting research on the role of 19th century Chinese food entrepreneurs in the American West. Prior to Gobee, he worked with the Mongolian Ministry of Health on innovation in rural health systems as a Fulbright scholar, and for the Intel Corporation and the Nokia Research Center. He speaks Punjabi, Spanish, and Mongolian. He received his Ph.D. in design from the University of California, Berkeley, and his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in engineering from MIT.

Matthew Lange, PhD

Associate Director, UC Davis Health System

Matthew Lange, PhD is Associate Director of the Wireless Health and Wellness Initiative at UC Davis and UC Davis Health System. Dr. Lange teaches Data Acquisition for the UC Davis School of Medicine Graduate Program in Health Informatics and also teaches Food Product Innovation and Development in the Department of Food Science and Technology at UC Davis. Dr. Lange's research focuses on development of semantic web infrastructures undergirding an emerging internet of food. Ecosystems of technologies and business models built upon such underpinnings hold promise to sustainably deliver precise, personalized, healthy and delicious foods.

Gavin Abreu, MBA

Food Entrepreneur, UC Berkeley

Gavin’s interest in food entrepreneurship goes back to when he was 8 years old when he harvested all the lemons and guavas from the trees in his backyard to sell them to the local groceries store. Not a very lucrative business in economics terms because at lunchtime his mother, realizing there were no lemons for lemonade, sent him back to the store to buy back what he had just sold! He paid a higher price than what he earned but it was a lifetime experience because he realized he had a passion for food-entrepreneurship. After founding Captain Shrimp Catering in 2007, and his restaurant Maristacos in 2010, he decided to move to Berkeley, California where he currently studies an MBA at the Haas School of Business.