Keynote Speaker

Michael Bom Frøst, PhD

Director, Nordic Food Lab

Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen

At Nordic Food Lab we work to broaden our taste, generating and adapting practical ideas and methods for those who make food and those who enjoy eating. 

The vision is to create a world where diversity and deliciousness is at the center of the plate. We put deliciousness first, as it is a very powerful agent of change. 

Nordic Food Lab works in a similar manner to a design studio, with prototypes of foods and other physical manifestations of the ideas we have. We are guided by our senses and our approach is rooted in design theory. Human interaction with food needs to be understood and analysed in three distinct tiers: 1. The immediate sensory level; 2. the functional level; and 3. the reflective level. 

As director for the lab, Michael divides his work life between pursuit of academic goals and deliciousness.

Michael has a background in sensory science. As a scientist his main research drive is to understand what good food is, and how we enjoy it as part of our daily life. With this knowledge we can create new and innovative foods that change the way the world eats in favour of diversity and sustainability. 

His personal mission is to connect science and culinary arts, to the benefit of both. As an educator the goal is to train future generations of food scientists to make healthy food more tasty and satisfying. This is carried out in the MSc program in Food Innovation and Health at University of Copenhagen.

Although not too useful in a kitchen, Michael dreams of reincarnation as a pastry chef.

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