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Technological solutions geared towards evolving foodscapes

Ron Shigeta

CSO, IndieBio

Ron Shigeta PhD, CSO IndieBio. Ron did his academic training at Princeton, Stanford and Harvard Medical School and is a 15 year veteran of Biotech in the Bay Area, working at Affymetrix and as a serial biotech startup entrepreneur. Being an early adopter and scientific advisor to the Do-it-Yourself Bio (DIYBio) movement has influenced the flavor of lean startup models being created at IndieBio.

Ron is a veteran of the biotechnology industry in the San Francisco Bay Area and has built several startups during his industry career as employee, consultant and principal. Ron was a Scientist for Affymetrix, a bioinformatician, biohacker (at BioCurious) and co-founder of Berkeley BioLabs. He can troubleshoot or build anything in the lab, from cells to robotics! Ron received his PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University focusing in biophysics.


Henry Hu

CEO and Founder, Cafe X

Henry HuHenry Hu is the founder and CEO at Cafe X Technologies. Prior to founding the company, Henry studiedtechnology, entrepreneurship and design at Babson College. After receiving a Thiel Fellowship in 2016,Henry left Babson to build Cafe X Technologies full-time. The goal of Cafe X is to increase productivity in theservice industry through automated technology. Beyond serving premium coffee, Henry believes many otheraspects of the foodservice industry can be redesigned and improved with the help of modern technology.Cafe X is the first product developed around this belief. Cafe X was named Best Overall Startup at SanFrancisco’s 2016 Launch Festival.Henry is a native of Hong Kong and currently resides in San Francisco, CA. where he enjoys flying droneson the weekend.