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Hope all of you have a new perspective on coffee business today! SHOUT OUT to Nick Cho for his fantastic lecture on coffee business and for posing the second challenge to us! We cannot wait to tackle this with you all.




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Designing a specialty coffee shop


Project Goal: How can we design a specialty coffee shop targeted on one of the following concepts?


  1. A berkeley cafe (e.g. centered on liberalism at UCB)

  2. Recapture the energy but not copying the history

  3. A cafe that is not gentrifying, or ungentrified cafe in a place undergoing or potentially undergoing gentrification

  • Gentrification--the process of converting lower average income community to a higher average income community, that in turns displaces the lower income population through economic force


EMPHASIZE: this is an open-format hack, an opportunity to utilize your multidisciplinary team background and expertise. You can choose any approach toward this challenge and adopt any form as your team’s deliverable, as a solution proposal, to be presented to class at the 11th session 11/15, as a team project pitch. This mini hackathon is more conceptually challenging than the first one. One thing to keep in mind that you do need to focus on designing a coffee shop rather a breakfast place that is also selling coffee. But definitely don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box!


Some links that might be useful for your project:


Upcoming Class

Next week we are having Claire Chang from igniteXL. Check it out http://ignitexl.com and bring any questions you have in mind to the class!


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The dates of the final and potluck are subjected to change. We will let you know when those two events will occur after we have sorted everything out. See you all on Tuesday!



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