The Impossible Burger

Hello FoodInnovators!


We are only one week away from Thanksgiving! I know you guys are all excited for Thanksgiving break, but do not forget to work on your second mini-hackathon on specialty coffee shop design! Also, a HUGE thank you to our guest speaker for the lecture on The Impossible Burger.



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Please send your homework to Vicky by 5pm on Tuesday 11/15/16. If you do not have a team yet, please send her an email and she will assign you one! Below is the email from Vicky with more details:


Some links that might be useful for your project:


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Again, if you wish to join our club mailing list, please respond to this email. Attached is the power point slides with detailed instructions on our second mini-hackathon. Please refer to this for clarification. Also note that we have switched the dates around. Class next week on 11/15/16 will be our last class before final. There is NO CLASS during Thanksgiving week since many of you will be away. The week after Thanksgiving we will have final presentation and potluck.



Karen & The FoodInno Team