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Hello FoodInnovators!


Hope you have enjoyed our awesome guest speakers’ lecture last week! A HUGE thank you to Cameron Barador from The House for talking to us about this seed fund provided for student startups.


SHOUT OUT to Kalekam for the introduction on their awesome app! Now we all can easily track daily diets!


Announcements & Resources

  • If you have not checked out photos and videos from our first challenge last week, again they are here.

  • Watch this video Vicky has found really relatable to our class!

  • The Mother House Fund supports initiatives that focus on making positive impacts on children and families. If you would like to apply or simply wonder what this is about, here is the link: . Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Remember to apply to LAUNCH Food and/or Big Ideas Challenge if you want to actually implement your team pitches of your Wild Food Project and get incredible awards. Again, here is the information for your reference:

  • LAUNCH Food is currently seeking solutions that have the potential to transform the food system and promote people’s consumption of health food. Here is the link to the requirements and applications. The deadline is 11/16/2016. We definitely encourage you to apply and will help you out if you have any questions!

  • Big Ideas Challenge, Food Systems Category: Encourage the development of innovative solutions that address challenges and lead to improvements in the global food systems.


Upcoming Event

  1. We are having Nomiku CEO Lisa Fetterman as our guest speaker this week! She will tell us about their cool immersion circulators. Check it out and bring your questions for her. Also, here are the two videos about Nomiku that will give you a short introduction about the sous vide cooker: 1.  2.


  1. Food Day 2016 Cal Food Community Mixer

  • Morgan Hall Lounge, Monday, October 24th @ 7:30 PM

This is THE FIRST inter-food club mixer! Come explore topics on food consulting, food engineering, food publication, nutrition education, food recovery, food policy, food systems, food innovation, or even just cooking! Refreshment will be provide.

**This is an official Food Day event, sponsored by the College of Natural Resources. For more information, please visit


Important Links


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