Sous Vide with Lisa & Nomiku

Hello FoodInnovators!


Great job contributing to the “Internet of Food” brainstorming discussion last week. Keep up the curiosity and explore further the ideal food system and technology you envision, and maybe in the near future, you will become an innovative creator like Lisa!


A HUGE thank you to Lisa again, for speaking to us and and sharing your stories and tips!



Announcements & Resources

  • Check out Nomiku and the various delicious recipes on tender Your sous vide recipes! Also follow Nomiku on instagram: @eatnomiku.

  • Remember to grab your  Sous Vide at Home copy on 11/1 from Amazon!

  • Photos from class have been posted on our Facebook Page.

  • Campus Maker Resources: Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

    • Website

    • Check out its courses offered and the maker labs and facilities! You can obtain a maker pass for semester access!

    • JFYI, FoodInno is a Jacob’s Institute affiliated student organization too! ;)


Upcoming Class

  • Who love coffee here? Do you always start your day with a cup of Joe? Aha, this Tuesday we are having Nick Cho from Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters in SF. Be sure to check them out and bring your questions to class!

  • Definitely make sure you come to our next class meeting. We would love to see everyone there, as we will be officially presenting our next Project #2 hack prompt and rearranging the teams. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and ready for a new mini-hackathon!


Important Links


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Come to our next class and share your love for coffee with all of us! Can’t wait to see y’all this Tuesday.



Karen & The FoodInno Team