Week 4: Additional Information

The previous newsletter has wrong link to the Eventbrite. Here is the correct one:


Upcoming Event

  1. Our amazing FoodInno team, in collaboration with the RCSA: Research Chefs Student Committee is hosting a workshop! RSVP now in FB and Eventbrite, tickets are running out! Please see the attached flyer and below for more details:

  • Madrone Room, MLK Student Union, Thursday, October 6th from 7-9PM

We are co-hosting a culinary science workshop on how food works, led by world renowned culinary scientist Ali Bouzari. Whether cooking in a restaurant kitchen or being too busy to go to the store for a missing ingredient, Dr. Bouzari’s evening presentation will show how understanding the personalities of eight “mother” Ingredients (Water, Sugars, Carbs, Lipids, Proteins, Minerals, Gases, and Heat) can make food delicious regardless of skill level. Come network with food industry professionals and student leaders following the event, and learn about what FoodInno and RCA has to offer!



Please make sure you have included all the parts shown below in your midterm presentation:

  1. Feasibility: Is the model practical to real life situation?

  2. Creativity: Does is it take an innovative, unconventional approach to solve the challenge?

  3. Marketing Story: Do you have a coherent story that well resonate with your potential customers?

  4. Pitch: Is your team presentation pitch effective?

*** Please note that you need some demonstrations for your presentation, as a boost to your pitch!


Important Links

  • LAUNCH Food is currently seeking solutions that have the potential to transform the food system and promote people’s consumption of health food. Here is the link to the requirements and applications. The deadline is 11/16/2016. We definitely encourage you to apply and will help you out if you have any questions! http://www.launch.org/challenges/food


Additional Announcement

Do you enjoy food TV shows, being featured on camera? Or do you love trying new cooking recipes or simply always come up cool ideas? FoodInno and Berkeley News are rolling out a video shooting featuring “Cal Students Dining Hall Hacks and Tricks.” If you are interested in being a part of this video or have any hack ideas, please shoot Hailey an email by Tuesday, at <leyi.zhou@berkeley.edu>