Week 3: Taste The Wild

Hello FoodInnovators!


How are your mini-hackathons going? Have your nerves gotten fired up throughout this innovating process? We can’t wait to see all your project presentation next week! Just a friendly reminder that you will a midterm, which is your project presentation, on 10/4/2016. As usual, if you any questions, comments, concerns about anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Hope you have enjoyed the tasty wild plants Vicky has brought us. (Thank you Vicky!)  Now you have more options to add to your lunch salads!




Announcements & Resources


Some links that might help you tackle your first challenge:



Again, here is the guidance on the first mini-hackathon for your reference:


Please make sure you bring your laptop to the next class. We will be focusing on presentation and storytelling during class next week. Also, please keep in mind that you will need to do some demonstration for your presentation.


Project: Hacking the Aversion to Bitter Taste


PROJECT GOAL: how can we get people to eat weeds, and tackle the rooted aversion to weeds and bitter taste?

***The oxalis donor will be attending on 10/4, so please focus not only on bitterness/bumpiness, but also on getting people to appreciate very sour qualities in plants such as oxalis!***


EMPHASIZE: this is an open-format hack, an opportunity to utilize your multidisciplinary team background and expertise. You can choose any approach toward this challenge and adopt any form as your team’s deliverable, as a solution proposal, to be presented to class at the 4th session 10/4, as a team project pitch.


Upcoming Events

Are you always craving for boba like other UC Berkeley students here? You are in luck. We will have a guest speaker Andrew Chau from Boba Guys this Tuesday 9/27. Check it out and bring your questions for him! http://www.bobaguys.com/


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Stay healthy and happy. Don’t be too stressed out about your midterms!



Karen & The FoodInno Team