Week 2: Let The Hacking Begin

Hello FoodInnovators!

Welcome to our first hackathon challenge! We are excited to tackle this challenge with you the following weeks!


This email is a recap of our week 2 class meeting. If you have any questions, concerns, comments about the first challenge or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us through email or Facebook. Also, a HUGE thank you to Kristen and Philip for the awesome presentation on bitter taste and for leading us into our first mini-hackathon -- hacking the aversion to bitter taste and unfamiliar mouth feel!

Announcements & Resources


Project: Hacking the Aversion to Bitter Taste

Please come to the next class meeting with more solid ideas/plans on how to hack the first challenge.

PROJECT GOAL: how can we get people to eat weeds, and tackle the rooted aversion to weeds and bitter taste?

***The oxalis donor will be attending on 10/4, so please focus not only on bitterness/bumpiness, but also on getting people to appreciate very sour qualities in plants such as oxalis!***

EMPHASIZE: this is an open-format hack, an opportunity to utilize your multidisciplinary team background and expertise. You can choose any approach toward this challenge and adopt any form as your team’s deliverable, as a solution proposal, to be presented to class at the 4th session 10/4, as a team project pitch.

Some ideas to get started:

  • Comparing our culture vs. others’
  • Tackling from aspects of PR, food product/menu, new cooking/preparation methods, restaurant/grocery partnerships...
  • Bringing people to see personally, trying hands-on, close guidance, farmer’s market stands sampling “try it!”
  • Inspiration from top restaurant and chefs’ recommendations, follow celebrity initiatives, , the “Kale” story
  • SNAP program, as vitamins substitutes…

Important Links

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Karen & The FoodInno Team