Food Culture Through Design


Fang Hu

Lecturer in Design and Art, China Academy of Art

Fang is a senior lecturer at The School of Design and Art, China Academy of Art. One stream of her research focuses on both food and identity within gastronomy as well as the eating culture practice through the perspective of Designer and design educator. In August 2015 and together with CAA fellow students and co-workers, Fang has launched “ChiTofu” Interdisciplinary Experimental Design Program. A project which fostered excellence, open inquiry, and creative practice where participants learned to think critically, communicate thoroughly, and work creatively. Based on the study and throughout the understanding of the traditional ingredients, “ChiTofu” project team has served a variety of exquisite and innovative culinary activities. The “Eat What Tofu”,  “Natural Dyeing Tofu Skin”,“Bauhaus Lunch—Paul Klee” are amongst the several outstanding Food design exhibitions and workshops Fang has managed to curate in the recent years. The diversity of the conducted activities aimed particularly at exploring the relationship between consumers and food quantity alongside the impacts of the eating culture on their senses and reflections. Fang is an aspiring art designer who earned her Diplom-Designerin of Product Design from Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany and received a Bachelor of Industrial Design Engineering from Zhejiang University, China. She was nominated for the “Designpreise” in the final year of graduation from Bauhaus and awarded a recorded interview with “MDR Rundfunk Channel” in Germany.