Food Olympics

Inspired by the Olympic creed of valuing participation and collaboration over winning, FoodInno set out to bridge industries together and create dialogue between all sectors of the food industry. Our lunch by Oakland-based Plate Craft Catering features a local, seasonal and colorful salad buffet, designed with each of the 5 Olympic ring colors for a specific dietary preference. We hope that the diverse spread of fresh, spring-forward options will entice your tastebuds and spark your creativity for our afternoon sessions co-designing the future of food!

Bonnie  Perhac

Owner, Plate Craft

Bonnie Perhac is a self-taught chef and the owner of Plate Craft. Plate Craft specializes in made-from-scratch menus based on the seasons. After graduated from college, Bonnie began cooking dinner for friends on Sunday nights in San Francisco. These Sunday night dinners became the inspiration for the catering company and a testing ground for many of Plate Craft's menu items. Six years later, Plate Craft found its path in specializing fresh food based on the seasons.

Mounir Zok

Director of Technology and Innovation, U.S. Olympic Committee

Mounir Zok is the Director of Technology and Innovation for the U.S. Olympic Committee and plays an instrumental and strategic role in bringing emerging technologies to Team USA. He is responsible for championing, setting up and running high-performance technology programs that increase the medalling chances of Team USA athletes at the future Olympic and Paralympic Games; such programs usually lie at the sweet intersection of various emerging technologies, among which: wearable technology, smart textiles and fabric, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. In this role, he leads and manages a group of internal and external individuals (technologists, engineers, data scientists, hardware/software developers, designers, business partners) as well as work very closely with the US Olympic Committee's leadership to ensure alignment with organization policies and strategies. Given the innovative topics that he deals with on a daily basis, Zok is a very strong advocate of Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies.