Food Entrepreneurship

For some, food is a passion. For others, food is a career. In this session, food entrepreneurs will join us and talk about how they turned their passion for food into a career. What’s more, they will offer their own opinions on challenges in this industry. What difficulties are there to develop customers? What do they envision our future might be? Come learn their stories!

Andrew Chau

Co-founder, Boba Guys & Tea People USA

Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I spent 12 years as a brand and consumer product marketer with CPG and tech expertise. I also co-founded and exited Vergence Media, a patented interactive media solution for e-commerce platforms. 

Rob Trice

Co-founder, The Mixing Bowl

Rob started organizations that link companies to venture innovation. In 2001 he co-founded the Service Provider Investment Forum (now part of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley). In 2011 he started the Corporate Innovators Huddle and its Corporate Venture Forum. And in 2013 he started the Mixing Bowl to link food, agriculture and IT innovators.

Rusty Schwartz

Co-founder, KitchenTown

KitchenTown is an industrial kitchen, a co-op, a hip cafe, a local foods boutique, and an idea that is changing the way the Peninsula eats, one small batch at a time.