Food Design Thinking

How does design thinking work in the food industry?  In this panel, we discuss how design thinking can be applied in the food practice, and how we teach students and young professionals to use this more to make this industry customer-driven and creative. Panelists will include professionals from various design firms and schools. Come innovate the next generation's culinary experience with us!


Lynda Deakin

Partner, IDEO

Lynda Deakin, a Partner at IDEO, brings nineteen years of experience working with a broad range of food and beverage clients to her work. She is the Managing Director of IDEO’s Food Studio, helping companies solve their toughest problems and identify opportunities for growth.

Lynda has collaborated with clients that range from larger food companies such as Smucker's, Whitewave Foods and The Hershey Company to smaller start-ups and agents of change that are trying to reshape the future of food. She believes that design is a tool that can help us build a more sustainable food system while also changing consumers’ behaviors for the better.

Sean Vahey

Co-founder, Humphry Slocombe

Sean's role at HS focuses on social media, marketing/sales and front of the house operations. His background is mainly in hospitality, five years with Hyatt hotels, four years with Four Seasons and many other SF restaurants. His roles have been Food & Beverage Manager, Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager, Server, Concierge and more. Humphry Slocombe has given him the opportunity to encompass all experience over the years and, now, he is the published author of Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book.

Matteo Vinogli


Assistant Professor in Management Science and Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in the Reggio Emilia Engineering School. Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, I am the only Italian member of the Design Thinking SUGAR network, an international network of universities coordinated by Stanford University that applies Design Thinking to innovation. I also work with CERN in the Challenge Based Innovation initiative.