Class 1

Week 1: Course Introduction (Syllabus Overview)

Hello Foodies!

It was great meeting all of you this week, we are so excited to explore the world of fermentation with you! This is our first class blog of the semester; we’ll be updating them every week with a recap of the class, any special announcements, and a preview of our next topic. These blogposts and weekly newsletters are to record our memories along this "culturing" journey!

  • Meet your Instructors:

Cindy is a fourth-year Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics (CNR) major. She intends to work in the food/tech industry, combining her passion for nutrition, food innovation, design and marketing. She is an avid traveler, and recently jet-setted to India and the Philippines!


Vicky is a third-year studying Conservation and Resource Studies (CNR). She has lots of experience in the restaurant industry. She has cooked for the famous Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen, and staged at several different fine-dining restaurants! This coming fall, she will be studying abroad in Copenhagen and immersing herself in delicious New Nordic Cuisine!



Agnes is a second-year intended Public Health major. She works for the Berkeley Food Institute, has interned for the Edible Schoolyard Foundation, and she is super passionate about fighting the injustices within our food system! Another feat? She’s a superb triathlete!


I am Hailey, a second-year Nutri Sci Major, Dietetics track and pre-med passionate about sports medicine, sports nutrition, and food innovation!

I love sports, traveling, and am a BIG foodie-- my favorite food is every food, and have not yet found anything I dislike…but feel free to challenge me! My favorite thing to do in Berkeley is to go for a morning run with friends and explore different brunch spots afterwards. I would love for any of you to join me!


Rewatching the video we showed in class, here’s the link!:  Fermentation History Video


  • Don’t be afraid to share!

Throughout this semester, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas on, and experiences with fermentation or any other types of food! You can either email us, or just come up after class! Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing your craft, please bring in your homemade food and share it with the class! Better yet, start a cultured project with one one of your classmates, something we also encourage for the final.


In addition to some class photos, we’ve also included a sneak peek of our future Three

Stone Hearth field trip and your facilitators’ bread-making fun, courtesy of

Cheeseboards’ starter!


  • Announcements:

    • NEXT WEEK’S TOPIC: Fermented Milk (Yogurt, Sour Cream, Kefir, and More!)

    • Student Weekly Presentations: Food of Cultural Importance (Required Assignment/Participation Grade)

      • Each week 3-4 students will present on one food item (does not have to be fermented) for 2 minutes that is important to their identity, family traditions, or cultural background. We will present examples and pass a sign-up sheet at the next class!


Can’t wait to see you all next Wednesday, 2/10!




Agnes, Cindy and Vicky


Fermentation: “Culturing” Your World DeCal, UC Berkeley

Spring 2016

Wednesdays, 6-7 pm

Location: 2030 VLSB