Week 9: Kimchi 김치!

Week 9 03/30/16:  Kimchi 김치!


Hello fellow fermenters!


Thank you all for a wonderful class today! We hope you enjoyed Karen’s fermentation presentation and delicious kimchi! On April 9 from 1-3 PM, we will have a hands-on kimchi making class with Karen at Bauman College down on University Avenue. Come join in on the fun and remember to sign up for field trips below!


  • THIS SUNDAY (4/3) from 8:30-2 PM, FoodInno and House Kombucha presents: Kombucha Hacks at Anna Head Alumnae Hall (2537 Haste St, Berkeley, CA 94720).


Don’t miss this opportunity to network with food industry experts and practice your marketing, product design, and innovation skills. All skill levels and majors welcomed. Awesome prizes will be provided for the top 3 teams! Free breakfast, lunch, snacks, and LOTS and LOTS of kombucha provided!

Learn more here: http://kombuchahacks.co/!

Class Recap:

  • Student cultural food presentations (Presentation dates can be found here)

    • Randall: Dinuguan

    • Candice: Fish sauce

    • Cassie: Bonito flakes (Katsuobushi)

    • Amanda: Nasturtium

  • Karen’s Presentation: Fermentation: The Natural Anti-Aging Secret

    • Digestion

    • Immunity

    • Detox

    • Skin-Beautifier

    • Energy-Booster, and lots of other health benefits of fermented foods!

  • Anti-Aging Steps

  • Definition of Fermentation

  • Kraut Source Water Mote Technology Demo

  • Note from Karen:

For those of you coming to my Kimchi Workshop,

  • Kraut Source units can be purchased at $25.00/no tax. (Regular pricing = $30)

  • For those who cannot attend, they can purchase on line with this discount code for 20% off

BUT will have to pay tax + shipping.

Code: UCBerk2016

Expires: 4/15/2016

  • Contact Karen - Cell phone: 415-420-2266, Email: karen@krautsource.com


Field Trip Sign-Ups:



Field Trip Recap: Three Stone Hearth (TSH)

This past Friday, we had a wonderful time learning about TSH’s business model, the Weston A. Price traditional diet, and tasting in their community supported kitchen!

TSH Field Trip Photos here!


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  • Link to our blog and past newsletters


Can’t wait to see you all next Wednesday, 4/6!




Agnes, Vicky, and Cindy

Fermentation: “Culturing” Your World DeCal, UC Berkeley

Spring 2016

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