Week 10 & 11: Sauerkraut & Miso

Week 10 04/06/16: Sauerkraut

Week 11 04/13/16: Miso

Hello fellow fermenters!


Our semester-long journey into the wonderful world of fermentation is almost over! We hope you enjoyed learning all about miso this week. Our last and final field trip is next week and our final class potluck will be the week after that. Check out all the details below!


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are having a social for our club, FoodInno, and our decal this coming friday (4/22). RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/1591769224471436/ for some finger food and fun!



  • Cultured Pickle Shop - THIS WEDNESDAY, 4/20 from 6-7 PM

    • Location: 800 Bancroft Way — Suite 105 — Berkeley, Ca 94710

    • Cost: $10

    • NOTE: There is no class on this day since the field trip is replacing class time, so please come! :)

    • If you need to make up an absence, this is your LAST chance to make it up.

  • Course Evaluation:

  • Final:

    • The final will be a class potluck. Please bring a dish that is fermented or incorporates a fermented food. At the beginning of class, students will give a 3-minute presentation on the fermentation process incorporated into their dish and their inspiration.


Class Recap (Miso):

  • Student cultural food presentations

    • Miranda: Wine

    • Mattew: Natto

    • Benedicta: Tempeh

  • Vicky’s Miso Presentation    

    • What is it?

    • History

    • Culture

    • Nutrition

    • Fermentation (Part I & II)

    • Variables


Class Recap (Sauerkraut):


Sauerkraut Recipe: One of my best friends, Jay Holecek, is a therapeutic chef whose food will make you high. He has a few resources that I'd recommend - check out his website and his sauerkraut vid.


The best place for the high quality produce that will fuel your body and mind like octane is the Berkeley Farmers Market. There are markets on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, all within biking distance of UC Berkeley. Some of the finest farms at these markets include Riverdog (produce, eggs, meat), Blue Heron (produce), True Grass Farms (meat, eggs), Guru Ram Das Orchards (fruit). Check out the Kaleidoscope website's sourcing page for additional farms I recommend - all the farms mentioned here grow with exceptional attention to detail.


Additional Links:


  • Next week is Wild & Feral Food Week brought to us by Berkeley Open Source Food. Check out all of the events on their website.

  • Photos from our last field-trip: Making Kimchi!

  • Midterms

  • Link to our blog and past newsletters



Can’t wait to see you all during the final on Wednesday, 4/27!






Agnes, Vicky, Hailey and Cindy


Fermentation: “Culturing” Your World DeCal, UC Berkeley


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