Week 4: Cheese


Week 4 02/24/16:  Cheese

Hey fellow fermenters!

Thanks again to everyone who shared their food stories this week (view your presentation dates here)! Also, a huge thank you to Matt from Miyoko’s kitchen for educating us on vegan cheese. We hope you enjoyed the delicious samples!


  • Recap:

    • Student cultural food presentations (bread, pastelon & pasteles, Thai papaya salad)

    • Agnes’s cheese presentation (most of my notes are written in the lecture notes, so check them out if you want more details on how to make homemade cheese!)

    • Matt’s vegan cheese Q&A

  • If you’re interested in learning more about cheesemaking (and potentially delving into hard cheeses), check out this VERY thorough website for detailed how-to’s: http://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn-to-make-cheese


  • Photos:

    • Find Hailey’s pictures from class linked here!
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***If you sign up for a field trip but do not show up it will count as an absence. If you have a very good reason for not being able to make it, please notify us at least one week before so we can inform the host. The host works hard to accommodate a large group like ours, so let’s be courteous and respectful to them as well. :) Remember that you are allowed a total of 2 absences to pass the class.***


Can’t wait to see you all this Wednesday, 3/2!




Agnes, Cindy, Hailey and Vicky

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