Week 7: Bread



Week 7 03/16/16:  Bread!


Hey fellow fermenters!


We hope that everyone is enjoying their well-deserved Spring Break. Next week, we’ll continue learning about our favorite (and tastiest) metabolic process. Please mark your calendar for our next upcoming field trip to Three Stone Hearth on Friday, 4/1 from 1-3 PM (sign-up information below). We’ll have a wonderful time learning and tasting in their community supported kitchen! 


In addition to the exciting things we usually include in our newsletters, this week we will also be featuring some student development opportunities as well as providing the link for all your midterms!



      Student cultural food presentations (Presentation dates can be found here)

      Tiffany: Dimsum

      Laura: Irish Soda Bread (Thank you for bringing your delicious homemade bread to share!)

      Lyz: Golubsti

      Vicky’s Bread Presentation


      Fermentation Process

      Baking Bread

      Practical Applications



Field Trip Sign-Ups:

      Three Stone Hearth - Friday, 4/1 from 1-3 PM (*Please note time change!)

      For more info & to sign up, click here: http://goo.gl/forms/3CCq6AWAa7

      Please SIGN-UP BY: Thursday, 3/22, 11:59 PM

      Kimchi Workshop with Karen Diggs @ Bauman College  - Saturday, 4/9 from 3-5 PM

      For more info & to sign up, click here: http://goo.gl/forms/gLgwMLswfr

      Please SIGN-UP BY: Thursday, 3/30, 11:59 PM

      Cultured Pickle Shop - Wednesday, 4/20 from 6-7 PM

      NOTE: There is no class on this day since the field trip is replacing class time, so please come! :)

      For more info & to sign up, click here: http://goo.gl/forms/zKwJrAL8zt

      Please SIGN-UP BY: Wednesday, 4/5, 11:59 PM

Additional Links:

      Midterms! AMAZING job everyone!

      If you have not yet turned yours in, please send them to cindy.ma@berkeley.edu as soon as possible. Points will be deducted with each additional day it is turned in late. 


      Link to our blog and past newsletters

      Preserved: a shop in oakland that your fellow student, Cassie, mentioned in class! Check out their weekly classes (including topics such as vinegar, sausages, cordials and sauerkraut). Day trip photos here.


Student Development Opportunities: contact leyi.zhou@berkeley.edu for more information

      Capay Mills

      David, owner of Capay Mills is looking for a passionate social media intern to help him market and manage his Instagram and Facebook public platforms. He also sells at the Sunday Temescal Farmers’ Market!

      Imperfect Produce

      Looking for summer interns who are passionate about sustainability and redistributing food waste. Interns will take on sales representative, ambassador roles and etc. Become an ugly fruit enthusiast!

      School of Public Health

      Nap Hosang (professor of the School of Public Health) is looking for a summer course intern for a Public Health graduate program, in which diverse experts in health from around the world gather on campus for 2 week-long sessions of integrative projects throughout the month of June.

      Kaleidoscope Living Foods

      Summer job opportunity at a La Cocina-incubated bone broth kale chip company: Kaleidoscope is looking for a part-time sales manager for the summer for 2-3 months, responsibilities include running the Sunday San Jose farmer's market, order-processing and delivery. Commitment is around 20 hours a week. Details and compensation will be disclosed upon request.


Can’t wait to see you all next Wednesday, 3/30!




Agnes, Hailey, and Cindy

Fermentation: “Culturing” Your World DeCal, UC Berkeley

Spring 2016

Wednesdays, 6-7 pm

Location: 2030 VLSB