Fermentation 101: "Culturing" Our World

This student-led panel "Fermentation 101: Culturing Our World" explores the complex, flavorful and practical world of fermentation. From the bread and cheese at our table, the vinegar and soy sauce that flavor our condiments and even to the wine, coffee or beer that fill our glasses, fermented foods (those that have been introduced with beneficial bacteria or fungus) have become culinary staples that transcend geographical cuisines. This panel will feature demonstrations, tastings and discussion with fermentation enthusiasts!

Karen Diggs

Chief Fermentation Officer, Kraut Source

Karen is a classically trained chef (California Culinary Academy (now Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco)), certified nutritionist (Bauman College), culinary instructor, and author of Happy Foods: Over 100 Mood-Boosting Recipes

Thanks to her time at Bauman, Karen got hooked on fermenting and became fascinated with traditional fermentation crocks. It was her fascination with the simple but elegant crock design, combined with her work as a nutritionist encouraging her clients to ferment their own foods, that eventually led her to an innovative idea. One day in the shower, Karen realized she could shrink the large crock-moat system and adapt it to fit on top of a wide-mouth mason jar. And that’s exactly what she has done with Kraut Source.

Matthew Gill

Head of Operations, THCheese

Matt knows things. He admits to being lucky enough to have his dream job of sourcing food like caviar, Jamon Iberico, cheese, chocolate, and charcuterie. He judges food quality constantly and has had a chance to intern for some amazing food programs, learn from the farmers and producers themselves, and work in the industry for almost a decade. He's the silver tongue of THCheese and will tell you the story of any product from California to Cordoba. Visit THCheese's Facebook page.