Course Information


Sohyeong Kim, PhD, Business Model Designer,

Sohyeong has an expertise in business model design and open innovation, particularly in the area of food services.  She has an academic background of innovation management and product development as well as professional experiences from Cisco Systems, Daimler-Benz, Panasonic and so on.  Her recent research on open innovation was published in Harvard Business Case and California Management Review, titled "Open Innovation Ecosystem: Case Study of Chez Panisse."  Currently, she is working at Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, Haas-Berkeley, studying business models of leading corporations of Tesla Motors, Intel, SAP, and EMC. She is also the founder of FoodInno, a collaborative community of food innovators working alongside innovative food companies to design novel products/services through hackathons such as TCHO HACKS.

Design Coaches

Eliot Tarlin,

Eliot is an Experience Designer with over three decades professional experience. He has researched and designed industrial products, medical products, educational materials, enterprise applications, and consumer products and services. He was working on the East Coast with major companies of Boston’s Route 128 tech zone when Apple invited him to move west. In Silicon Valley, Eliot worked with large, multinational corporations and small, hopeful startups, as well as a product consultancy with clients that included Johnson & Johnson, Canon and Intel. He is totally a designer, always looking for ways to improve the world. Eliot also likes to eat.


Sonali Suratkar,

Sonali Suratkar-Sonalkar is a Public Health Nutritionist, with experience in Nutrition Research Program Evaluation at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She has co-authored a couple of research papers on nutrition intervention programs focusing on food environment and nutrition education. A foodie and an amateur chef, she is exploring innovative ways to promote healthy eating and address issues of obesity and chronic disease. She recently started a healthy cooking blog, as an avenue to help people cook healthy at home, while learning about nutrition in a fun and creative way.


Bernie Geuy,

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 5.33.33 PM.png

Bernadette (Bernie) Geuy is a design strategist and user experience lead at UC Berkeley. She is also co-chair of the San Francisco chapter of the Service Design Network, which focuses on strengthening the knowledge and practice of service innovation. Sketching is Bernie’s superpower and she uses it on a daily basis to problem solve, to facilitate communications, to map out customer experiences, to storyboard, to design, and for fun. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, she worked for many years in information technologies and consulting, and in a variety of roles including engineering management, marketing, and business development.  Bernie has an MBA and a BA in Mass Communications, both from UC Berkeley.  Her interests include design innovation, strategic planning, visual communications, cycling, knitting, and seeking out great local restaurants and coffee shops.