Artifacts from the Future of Food

Join Institute for the Future's Food Futures Lab to start making the future of food, today. Imagine that you could take an archaeologist’s expedition to the future to collect objects and photos to understand what daily life will be like in 10 years. These are called Artifacts from the Future and they give us a tangible experience of the future. Using IFTF's "Artifact Engine" we will guide participants through a prototyping process to tell visually compelling stories about possible futures for how we grow, cook, shop for, or eat food in 2026.

Sarah Smith

Research + Design Manager, Institute for the Future

Sarah is a designer and writer who helps people imagine new stories about the future of food, health, and technology. She creates artifacts from the future, which provoke public imagination about what kind of futures we really want to live (and therefore, eat) in. As a researcher in IFTF’s Food Futures and Health Futures Labs, Sarah has worked with many of the world’s largest food, health, and CPG companies to plan for more resilient futures. She was recognized for culinary public diplomacy on behalf of the USA for participating in the Expo Milano 2015, has written for National Geographic’s food blog, and traveled across the country on the Millennial Trains Project to explore new possibilities for food innovation. She draws from her experience in a range of disciplines—international studies, graphic design, creative writing, and the food service industry—to explore how emerging technologies and social practices will change the way people and communities seek and create well-being. Sarah holds a BA in International Studies and Visual Communication from Loyola University Chicago.