Our mission at the FoodInno Institute is to build a collaborative environment of food innovators from all walks of life. FoodInno is a community that connects students, educators, chefs, food start-ups, farmers, and food policy makers to design the next food experience together.


Connected Food Futures

Food has long linked us to our environments and to others. Now, from farm to table, technological innovation is making the global food system increasingly connected and complex. At the 2018 FoodInno Symposium, we will cultivate connections across the food supply chain to design collaborative solutions to food system challenges  Our 100+ attendees represent the most innovative and creative individuals in our food chain including farmers, chefs, designers, entrepreneurs, academics, and more from all across the world. We will gather to co-create the future of a connected food system.


(Subject to change. Check often for updates.)

Lunch, snacks, drinks, and cocktail reception will be provided by FoodInno.

Please bring your own water bottle to reduce waste!


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MAY 16, 2018

12:00-17:30 PM Research Session


MAY 17, 2018

8:30-10:00 AM Registration + Breakfast

10:00-10:10 AM Opening Remarks

10:10-10:45 AM Opening keynote by Lars Williams (Empirical Spirits, formerly Noma)

10:45-11:00 AM Food Culture Through Design

11:00-11:30 AM Networking Break

11:30-12:30 PM Cross-Disciplinary Food Innovation

12:30-1:00 PM Ethical Sourcing

1:00-2:00 PM Lunch

2:00-3:00 PM Breakout Session I

3:00-3:30 PM Networking Break

3:30-4:30 PM Breakout Session II

4:30-5:00 PM Ending Keynote by Lauren Shimek (Food.Tech.Design)

5:00-7:00 PM Reception


Lars Williams

Co-founder, Empirical Spirits

Former Head of R&D, Noma


Founder & CEO,



Senior Lecturer in Design and

Art, China Academy of Art 

Daniel Press


UC Santa Cruz


Dara Silverstein

Sustainable Food Program

Manager, Stanford University


Steve Jones

Director, The Bread Lab,

Washington State University

Mai Nguyen


Sonoma Grain Collaborative 

Kim Wejendorp

Sous Chef,

 Amass Restaurant

Brandon Jew

Head Chef & Owner,

Mister Jiu's




Tartine Bakery

Minh Tsai

Founder and CEO,


Charlie Ayers

Chief Culinary Officer, 



Jenny Eu


Three Trees

Nora Haron


Drip Line Oakland     


Jennifer Latham

Head of Bread,

Tartine Bakery

Rob Trice


Better Food Ventures 


Angelica Sullam

Director of Business Innovation,

Good Eggs 

Christopher Milz

Managing Director,

 Hestan Smart Cooking


Noushin Katabi


Vega Coffee

Tara Duggan

Staff writer,

San Francisco Chronicle

Ranjani Varadan 

Director of Research (Proteins),

 Impossible Foods

Laura Sweitzer


 TCHO Source 


Ali Bouzari


Pilot P&D


Wided Batat

Associate Professor, 

University Lumber Lyon 2

Chris Ying



What will food look like if we change the food production process?

What will the future utensil be if the dining behavior shifted?

Can the perception of food waste be reformed to reflect a better future?


Eating is one of the most repetitive behaviors yet most of the time we do it without much reflection. This inspiring group of talented designers is exploring the meaningful moments of making, eating and storing food. The exhibition demonstrates the design of foods, utensils, dining manners, social interactions, and the production methods in an alternative future. We want to invite you into those moments and reimagine the future of our dining culture and food society. Why don’t we eat differently? What is a preferable food future to you? 


Curator: Yunwen "Tutu" Tu

Designers: Benner Boswell, Ji Won Yeom, John Wegner, Perennial (restaurant), Praree Kittidumkerng, Raquel Kalil, Shihan Zhang, Sida Li, Weichung Joong, Yunwen "Tutu" Tu



All ticket sales are final. No refunds are provided.

General Ticket - $275


Student - $50


If registering as a student, your .edu email address is required when placing your order. ONE registration per current full-time university student. Please present your valid, current full-time university photo ID card for onsite check-in. There are no refunds or cancellations if no valid university photo ID card and .edu email address are provided.

*Participant support is available for participating in the FoodInno Symposium and the research seminar for a maximum of $1,200 for domestic travel for a minimum of 2 nights and $2,000 for international travel for those who stayed up to 4 nights. This must be arranged and approved for FoodInno leadership.*


Blum Center for Developing Economics

Haviland Rd, Berkeley, CA 94709


Sohyeong Kim
Executive Director of Food Design Research

Hailey Zhou



Sohyeong Kim, PhD

Stanford University

Alice Agogino, Phd

UC Berkeley



UC Berkeley


Byron Lo

UC Berkeley


David mcintyre

McIntyre Consulting

Yunwen Tu 

Yunwen Tu



Eesha Choudhari

Stanford University



Stanford University